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24 Apr 2013

Sql Server Tool Free Download

Download Link :

Download SqlServer Tool 1.0

Download SqlServer Tool 1.2

Download the sql server tool from the link above and please let me know in a comment, if there are any errors .

Description :

Sql Server Tool  is a tool supporting ms sql server, specially developed to display all the database names and the tables existsing each database without opening Sql Server Management Studio. We can display the data in each table .

while working with real time projects there is a need to display tables data to see whether the operations like insert/update/delete are happening or not.
So, it is much time taking to open sql server Management Studio every time and to execute a query

" select * from Table_Name " .

So, in order to overcome that, Sql Server Tool is developed to reduce the work and time..
It supports both windows authentication and sql authentication . You can also adjust/Resize the Row and Column Sizes.

Software Requirements :
1. .net framework 4.0
2. Microsoft Sql Server

ScreenShots :

sql server tool_img1