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18 Oct 2012

How to Add FeedJit Live Visitors For Wordpress / Blogger Blog

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FeedJit is the Free Live Traffic Feed lets you see friends and visitors as they arrive on your blog or website

Click "Real-time View" at the bottom of the Feed to watch your traffic in real-time.

Feedjit is the ultimate live view of what is happening on your blog or website right now.

FeedJit provides direct plugin/gadget for blogger . you can just get the feedjit for your blogspot by registering at the link . And all its for free.  To see how it appears in blogger , you can see in this blog

But for Wordpress blogs, Feedjit doesn't provide direct plugin. For getting feedjit for your wordpress blog, go for

DashBoard->Appearences->Widgets and add Text in your sidebar and paste the following code in that text widget..

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" border="0" ISMAP /></a>

And then you can see the feedjit in wordpress blog like in my blog.